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Veteran’s Day

This Tuesday, November 12, Our Country, America, Has No School. The Reason For This Is Veteran’s Day. This Holiday Was Founded To Remember The Veterans That Died In World War 2. Their Losses Have Not Been Forgotten, And Will Be Remembered Always. Everytime We See Soldiers, We Will Remember The Great Sacrifice Made By Our American Freedom Fighters.

How Education Helps Lifts People Out Of Poverty

Education Helps Lift People Out Of Poverty By Giving Them The Knowledge That Could Get Them A Scholarship To College That They Otherwise Would Not Get. It Has Been Proven That People Who Go To College Usually Make More Money Than People Who Don’t.  Also, If A Peson Was To Go To College To Escape Poverty, Maybe They Would One Day Become Rich And Successful So He Can Take Care Of His Family And Give Them The Things They Never Had And Had Always Wanted. Poverty Is A Very Sad Thing, And Nothing Is Really Being Done About It.stubco8

Sue Waters & Mrs W.

It Is My Opinion That Sue Waters Gives Out More Personal Information Than Mrs. W Because Sue Waters Is World Renowned for Her Services On The EduBlogger; Well, Mostly, But Mrs. W. Is More Of A Lesser Known Person, No Offense To Mrs. W. My Probably Most Wise With Computers Teacher, Mr. Bogush, Has Told Me And My Classmates That When Sue Waters Sneezes, Thousands Of People Say “Bless You” To Her. May I Add That He Is Running The CollaborationNation Middle School Blog, For Which The Domain Name Is    http://pbogush.edublogs.org/. Also, If You Want To Visit Our Wikispaces that He Has Put Together The Format For, Go To http://collaborationnation.wikispaces.com/. As I Was Saying Before, It Is My Opinion That Mrs. W. Gives Out Less Personal Information Because She Doesn’t Know As Many People As Sue Waters Does, And She Doesn’t Want Strangers To Know How She Looks And How Old She Is, Because Not Many People Probably Know That Information, But With Sue Waters It Is A Different Story. Because As I Said, Sue Waters Knows More People, And More People know Her Personal Info. that Concludes My Slightly Long Post.stubc08 

Why I Chose My Theme

I Chose The Theme For My Blog Because I Thought It Sort Of Represented My Exterior, ex. I Wear Dark Clothes A Lot, The Background Is Grey, It Looks Like Everything Is Exactly Where It Is Supposed To Be, That Is How My Exterior Looks Most Of The Time(Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge), But I Felt That My Posts Would Be Like My Interior; All Over The Place, Cluttered, And Confusing. So My Blog Represents Me As A Person, As The Theme Being Calm And Collected Like My Exterior, And The Posts All Over The Place Like My Interior.stubc08

My Favorite Bands

http://flickr.com/photos/paperpariah/2701983796/http://flickr.com/photos/metalchris/1255583018/http://flickr.com/photos/gentlehula/1339319478/http://flickr.com/photos/em0rix/388398806/http://flickr.com/photos/heavy-metal/1347789168/My Favorite Bands Are Lamb Of God, Slayer, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Dethklok, Linkin Park, Atreyu, Disturbed, Bob Marley And The Wailers, Nile, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Nightfall, Dragonforce, Malevolent Creation, and 1349.