About Me (Reading Mandated)

I’m A Human, 5′?”, Green Eyes, Uniqe, I Listen To Metal and Rap, I Play Football, I Snowboard, I Paintball, My Favorite Color Is Red, I Like To Wear Black A Lot, I’m On The Computer A Lot, My Favorite Food Is Filet Mignon Well Done, I’m 13, And I Like A7X A Lot. I’m Going To Try And Work At The Trail Of Terror This Year Because Halloween Is My Favorite Holiday Of The Year(FREE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I Like To Go On Myspace IM And Talk To My Peeps(Not The Candy) And Post Bulletins On Myspace & Facebook. If You Can Comment On My Page, I Would Appreciate It. stubc08

One thought on “About Me (Reading Mandated)

  1. Great introduction Jesse – but what is the “Trail of Terror”? Also liked your comparison of Sue Waters and myself. We are both teachers, Sue has been blogging a lot longer than I have, but my class blog is used as an example of what you can do and websites to visit for my students.

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