Sue Waters & Mrs W.

It Is My Opinion That Sue Waters Gives Out More Personal Information Than Mrs. W Because Sue Waters Is World Renowned for Her Services On The EduBlogger; Well, Mostly, But Mrs. W. Is More Of A Lesser Known Person, No Offense To Mrs. W. My Probably Most Wise With Computers Teacher, Mr. Bogush, Has Told Me And My Classmates That When Sue Waters Sneezes, Thousands Of People Say “Bless You” To Her. May I Add That He Is Running The CollaborationNation Middle School Blog, For Which The Domain Name Is Also, If You Want To Visit Our Wikispaces that He Has Put Together The Format For, Go To As I Was Saying Before, It Is My Opinion That Mrs. W. Gives Out Less Personal Information Because She Doesn’t Know As Many People As Sue Waters Does, And She Doesn’t Want Strangers To Know How She Looks And How Old She Is, Because Not Many People Probably Know That Information, But With Sue Waters It Is A Different Story. Because As I Said, Sue Waters Knows More People, And More People know Her Personal Info. that Concludes My Slightly Long Post.stubc08 

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  2. Thanks Jesse I enjoyed reading your review. The main reason for the difference is our blogging audience. Miss Wyatt’s audience is school students and she models how she expects her students to interact online to ensure they use suitable Internet behaviour for their age. Whereas my audience is mostly adult bloggers and I work with adult students.

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